Sün Evrard - Swinging books

30.05>24.10 Exhibition Sün Evrard – Swinging books

Swinging books

Sün Evrard

30.05.2021 > 24.10.2021

The Erasmus House and Beguinage museums are hosting a new temporary exhibition on art bindings by the artist Sün Evrard.

Sün Evrard is a master of the delicate art of bookbinding. She turns books into precious, organic objects by combining refined natural materials – paper, hides, wood, and stone paper – with innovative techniques inspired by old bindings, the whole intertwined with the work’s contents. This exhibition juxtaposes her original, sensual creations and contemporary bindings encasing 16th-century works from the Erasmus House’s collections. The correspondence between techniques and materials and the dialogue between past and present are the keys to the exhibition.

Sün Evrard - Swinging books

Sün Evrard has constantly sought throughout her career to channel her creativity toward conserving the books that she is asked to bind and to enrich her skills through her discoveries (of bindings) and encounters (with other bookbinders), all the while thinking of ways to make bindings “come alive” in a truly original manner. These two facets of her work – bindings to conserve old books and bindings as works of art – are what sparked our desire to hold this exhibition, one that goes beyond the usual stands and showcases to books flying through space. vitrines, fait s’envoler les livres dans l’espace.

The exhibition traces Sün Evrard’s artistic pathway and gives visitors the opportunity to compare her work and singular vision with those of the 16th-century craftsmen that inspire her. Close to seventy items of all colours and materials have been hung around the permanent collection rooms of the Erasmus House Museum, swinging together in innovative, poetic constellations.

In the course of her international career, the artist and bookbinder has worked for such prestigious institutions as the National Library of France, Royal Library of The Hague, and Queensland State Library, Australia.

Sün Evrard, her biography.


Sophie Cornet,

Zahava Seewald,
Director of the Municipal Museums of Anderlecht
Curator of the Erasmus House & Beguinage

30.05.2021 > 24.10.2021
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Meet the artist:
Sün Evrard welcomes you and answers your questions about her bindings
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Photos credit : © Johan Legraie / Erasmus House & Beguinage

Graphic design : Brush

The exhibition has been organised in partnership with Bibliotheca Wittockiana (Museum of the Arts of Books and Binding) and ARA Belgica (Les Amis de la Reliure d’Art – an association that promotes artistic bookbinding).

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