Erasmus dedicated a large part of his oeuvre to the teaching of Latin, aiming to make it both stimulating and attractive. In this same spirit, the Erasmus House organises a Latin course at two levels, beginners and advanced, geared towards students and adults.

Latin course

Starting on September 5th 2023, the Latin course set up by the Fundatio Melissa is given at the Erasmus House on Tuesday from 6 p.m. to 7.40 p.m, except during school holidays. The method used is that of the Dane Hans Ørberg, Lingua Latina per se illustrata, whose acceptance and efficiency have more than proved their worth.

The course is given in French.

Marion Dapsens
Benjamin Detry
Registration fee:
150€ adults
100€ students and job seekers
25€ cost of the book and syllabus

Info and reservation

Marion Dapsens
+ 32 471 35 08 79


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