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In the heart of this historical centre


The Erasmus House and the Beguinage are two of the oldest municipal museums in Belgium. With the collegiate church of Saint Peter and Saint Guidon, they form an exceptional historical complex. This ensemble reflects the glorious past of the commune of Anderlecht which experienced considerable development from the Middle Ages, due in part to the cult of Saint Guidon, the patron saint of cattle.


The Erasmus House

The Museum is located in one of the oldest Gothic houses in Brussels.
Erasmus stayed here from May to October 1521.

The exhibition evokes the life of the Humanist and the intellectual universe of his time, through a collection of artworks and precious books in rooms furnished with Gothic and Renaissance-style furniture.

The Beguinage

The Museum was set up in Belgium’s smallest beguinage, founded in 1252.

The exhibition displays items from the daily lives of the beguines, together with their traditional furniture, archaeological finds and religious and folk art, which retrace the thousand year old history of Anderlecht.

The Gardens

A garden of simples presents a genuine botanical portrait of the Humanist.

Beyond this, lies a philosophical garden.

The Study Centre

A collection of rare books, documentation centre and Latin courses.

Festina lente

More haste, less speed

Erasmus, Adagium n°1001 (II, I, 1)


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Visit the Erasmus House

The visitor will discover the familiar and studious universe of the great philologist and theologian.


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