Legal information

General terms of sale


These general conditions apply to all of the products and services sold by the museums. These include but are not limited to mail-order sales of books, registering for events, and reservations for guided tours. In purchasing one of these products or services the buyer accepts these general conditions without restriction. If these products or services are purchased via an intermediary, the intermediary’s general terms of sale also apply. However, the museums’ general conditions remain in force.

The acquisition of all the products and services bought by the buyer is strictly personal. The purchases may not be exchanged, resold, or transferred to third parties. The museums reserve the right to cancel the products and services if these conditions are not respected, especially in the case of unauthorised resale.

The museums may not be held liable for the theft, fraud, illegal copying, loss, or any other misuse or fraudulent use of the products put on sale by the museums or a recognised intermediary; nor are they liable for any direct or indirect injury that may result from the non-respect of an intermediary’s general conditions, notably in the event of the intermediary’s bankruptcy. Similarly, the museums may not be held liable for any changes or possible typographical or printing errors in the documents made available to the purchaser and linked to the product. All of the information mentioned in the various documents corresponds to the information provided by the museums at the time that said documents went to press or were put on line.


2.1. Reserving guided tours

2.1.1. Reservations
In filling out the online booking form for a guided tour you inform us of your desire to reserve one or more guides for your visit. Your reservation is effective as of the moment we confirm to you that guides are available for the date that you have chosen.
Guided tours of the museums are paid for either by bank transfer in advance or in cash or by a debit card (“Bankcontact” system) at the reception desk on the day of the visit.

1.1.2. Cancellations of reservations
It is possible to cancel all or part of the reservation at no cost up to ten working days before the date of the visit. After this deadline, the guides’ fees are due. So, the museums will bill the customer for the cost of the guide or guides for any visit that has not been cancelled in writing (e-mail) at least ten (10) working days before the scheduled date.


2.2. Purchasing tickets for an event online

2.2.1. Purchases

Tickets are purchased online via the museums’ website. Payment is made by payconiq, bancontact, Mastercard, or Visa at the time of the reservation.
Tickets may be limited to a maximum number per person or per credit/debit card, and for certain events restrictions may apply per household. The museums reserve the right to cancel reserved tickets that exceed this number without prior notice.
The e-tickets (“print at home” tickets) received at the time of your online order need not obligatorily be printed. You may present your tickets on your smartphone before the event begins.

2.2.2. Right of retraction

Pursuant to Article VI.53 (12) of the Belgian Code of Economic Law, no right of retraction applies after payment is made.

2.2.3. Validity of the ticket

Your ticket is valid only for the day and event indicated on it. The ticket must be shown upon request. It will not be taken back or refunded (notably if it is lost or stolen), exchanged, or resold. It is forbidden to resell or transfer tickets for commercial purposes. If the tickets are discounted for justifiable reasons, the museums reserve the right to ask the customer to show the justification for the discount.

2.2.4. Modifications and/or cancellations in the programme

Changes in the programme, cast, venue, or hours may come about for reasons over which we have no control. These changes are announced on our Internet site. In the event of a cancellation or change in the date and/or venue, we shall do out utmost to inform you in writing (e-mail), to the extent that that is possible. These changes will not give rise to refunds or exchanges. The price of the tickets will be refunded to you solely in the event of a cancellation.


2.3. Cancellation of the event or guided tour

Due to certain circumstances, the museums or one of the service providers may decided to cancel or to postpone the event or service/services linked to one of the products sold by the museums. If the cancellation or postponement decision is taken by the museums, aside from cases of force majeure (see below), the buyer will be reimbursed the price of the product or service upon presenting the necessary proofs.

The museums may not be held liable for the cancellation or change in date or venue of an event or service or services linked to a product if this cancellation or change results from a case of force majeure and/or a constraint that ensues from a case of force majeure. Force majeure includes sabotage, strikes, terrorism (threats), storms, flooding, epidemics and health constraints, instructions given by the police and authorities, and all other unforeseen and compelling circumstances in the wake of which it is impossible for the museums to put on the event or to provide the service or services linked to a product.


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