Visitor’s guide – The Erasmus House

Hélène Haug, The Erasmus House. Visitor’s Guide, Brussels, The Erasmus House, 2019, Coll. « Colloquia in museo Erasmi », n°45. Updated with additions to the previous Visitor’s guide produced by Alexandre Vanautgaerden, The Erasmus House, 2009. Translated by Sarah Strange.

To accompany your visit to the Erasmus House

The Visitor’s guide to the Erasmus House has been updated. It now includes a description of the historic furniture and presents the exhibits in a new light, following restoration work and revaluations carried out over recent years.

The guide is also available in both Dutch and French.

Price : 5 €
ISBN : 978-2-930414-44-7.
Copyright registration: December, 2019.


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